Bio: Wonder Seeker of all Gods Great Gifts! Faith, Wife, Mother, Proverbs 31, Daughter of The King, Prayer Warrior, Woman of Purpose, Yogi Life, Lover of Art, Aspiring Photographer, Passionately Inspiring Others. I am Blessed by the presence of my Heavenly Father “The Creator of All Things Great and Small. By His divine providence, flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone, I was created from the top of my head to the simple intricate shape of my breast and the curve of my hips, I am her, and she is me, Beautiful woman. Sometimes Baffled by the challenges of life’s everyday roadmap. Mindful of the reality that God is the producer of this storyline, and the comings, and goings of all those around me are for a reason, season, or a lifetime. Enamored by His glory, re-positioned by His purpose, and His plan, I am Brilliant. I am a phenomenal Black woman of purpose, destin for greatness. The breath in my body, my culture, my design, my ethnicity, my natural being is Gladiolus in all its wonder. I Am Baffled, Blessed, Beautiful, Brilliant, Black, Gladiolus, daughter of The King! BGFive, Daughter of The King

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